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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Indio

The biggest secret to staying in business and making a profit lies in being able to keep your doors open. As commercial property owner you have to concern yourself with the bills, inventory, and staff every day. Problems like damage to your property would naturally become a lesser concern, but that is a mistake waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s fire damage, water damage, or a mold infestation these and more problems run a real risk of forcing you to have to close your doors. The longer your doors stay shut, the more revenue you end up losing.

Commercial Restoration Blowers

At 911 Restoration of Indio, we know how important those doors staying open are. That’s why should an emergency occur, we will get there promptly to get you back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Our goal is to minimize the complications and the impact to your bottom line.

It’s hard to plan for the unexpected as disaster can strike at any moment. We understand that, which is why we make sure we deliver on our promise to be there for you by being ready to go 24/7/365 soon as you call. When an emergency occurs, we will be there within 45 minutes of your call ready to begin your commercial restoration. We offer a highly trained crew of experts that can handle any emergency restoration service from water damage to fire damage and even smoke restoration.

All of our crew are IICRC certified technicians that are trained specifically to restore your commercial property from the damage you incur. Get ahead of your commercial restoration by calling our experts in Indio today

Water Damage Restoration and You

Perhaps the most common disaster for commercial property owners is water damage. Water damage can occur for many reasons. It could be as simple as a tenant leaving the water running till it overflows, or a malfunctioning sprinkler system. Regardless of the source, water damage can have a significant impact on your bottom line as well as day to day operation. To help minimize the impact you must get commercial restoration experts you as soon as possible to begin on your water damage restoration.

We, at 911 Restoration of Indio make sure to use the latest equipment and techniques in our water damage restoration efforts. We offer some crucial benefits for our clients that go beyond just fixing the damage that includes:

Commercial Restoration Crawl Space

  • Free visual inspection for property owners only
  • Emergency repairs due to storm
  • Emergency restoration due to disaster
  • Water extraction
  • Burst pipes
  • Complete home restoration
  • Care and understanding of your needs
  • Peace of Mind with our highly trained technicians
  • And More

Remember that every commercial restoration expert at our Indio unit is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our IICRC certified professionals will provide a free visual inspection for property owners only upon arrival. By calling us as soon as water damage is discovered, you will be right back to business as usual in the quickest time possible.

Cooling Off Your Fire Damage

The other common source of damage commercial property owners face is fire damage. Fire damage is also potentially the most devastating form of damage your property can sustain. The source can come from faulty wiring, unattended candles, or even something as benign as a cigarette that wasn’t put out properly. As anyone knows, fire consumes everything in its path until it burns out or is put out. However, most are not fully aware of the secondary damage that can occur which is what makes fire damage so serious.

When you are facing fire damage other forms of damage inevitably occur. Water damage is almost automatic between firemen using their hoses and sprinkler systems going off. In addition, there are smoke stains, ash, and tar that is left behind. For these and other reasons, don’t hesitate to call your fire damage restoration experts at our Indio unit.

Our commercial restoration experts utilize the latest gear and cleaning agents to remove the ash, smoke, and flame damage. In addition to being Eco friendly, our products will have your property looking and smelling like new. Once the fire department has stopped the fire, call our crew at 911 Restoration of Indio and we’ll be there within 45 minutes to begin your commercial restoration.

Commercial Restoration Flood

By working with us, our clients benefit from the following:

  • Free fire damage assessment
  • Odor and smoke removal
  • Complete property restoration
  • Free Insurance Consultation
  • Inventory and itemization of belongings
  • Packing out and Storing Undamaged Belongings
  • Reconstruction and Renovation – Making Your Home Better Than New
  • Care and understanding of your needs
  • Peace of mind through our highly trained technicians
  • And more

Starting with our free fire damage assessment, you will know from the very beginning exactly what will go into your commercial restoration. Due to our skills and services offered, we are prepared to handle all of your needs from the fire damage to any secondary damage such as water damage or mold cleanup. As a property owner you have options and are not alone. 911 Restoration of Indio will be there for you from beginning to end. By making the call today, you can may save on time and money that you aren’t prepared to lose.

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