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About 911 Restoration Indio

What drew Joe Parra to become the owner of 911 Restoration of Indio was the fact that he would be put in a position to help the home and business owners of his community around the clock.

911 Restoration owner Joe ParraCustomer service has always been a priority to Joe, who worked as a sub-contractor for more than ten years before he joined the 911 Restoration family.

By remodeling homes he learned how important it is to make sure every client feels understood and heard throughout the entire process, which inevitably leads to customer satisfaction.

“I never thought I was a people-person until I got into the restoration business and clients started telling me that they chose me because I was likable, friendly, and honest,” Joe recalls.

When people call Joe it is because they are dealing with some sort of crisis, such as a pipe burst, home flood, ceiling leak, mold infestation or kitchen fire, and he understands that by being attentive and positive he can give his customers peace of mind during even the most intense situations.

Joe wants his branch to be the company that you call first when you find yourself in the midst of a home disaster, so call 911 Restoration today and our staff can give you the fresh start that you deserve.

Prevention Tips From The Owner

Those living in Indio know that they don’t see a ton of rain in the hot, arid climate that typically permeates the city, but even an area that sees less than 4 inches of rain a year still needs access to proper water damage restoration services.

Mold Growth On CeilingEven though Joe and his crew are more than qualified to repair any type of water disaster, they still want you to be as prepared and aware of what issues may affect your Indio property.

Through his many years of experience working in this type of dry, hot climate, Joe has noticed that the non-stop running of air conditioners seems to cause an unexpected issue for homeowners- mold.

To best serve you, Joe wants to give you three basic tips you can follow to prevent an infestation of your own:

  1. Regularly clean all the air conditioning units on the property, which includes changing the filters when needed.
  2. Remove the front panel of the unit and throughly clean behind the fan in order to stop condensation from building up.
  3. Do not just run the fan in the unit, keep the full power of the air conditioning system running.

“Most people think they save money by running the fans instead of the air when they’re using the AC, but really that builds up the humidity and leads to mold growth,” Joe explains.

This is important to remember, because most people do not realize that mold can grow in such a dry climate, but the moisture that the air conditioners make create the ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. So, if you notice any sign of mold growth or leakage in your home call the water damage restoration team today and Joe will get workers to your doorstep as soon as possible!

Affordable Water Damage and Mold Services When You Need It The Most

Joe understands that after mitigating mold and water damage, the next step is figuring out how to pay for the remediation work, which can be overwhelming in itself.

Water Damage Restoration Truck Outside of HeadquartersA standard homeowner’s insurance policy usually covers water damage, as long as it was not caused by outside forces or homeowner negligence, but mold is not typically included.

Fortunately, Joe has worked with all different insurance providers over the years, so he knows exactly what information needs to be submitted to get you the best coverage, which is why our staff will file your claim for you.

“One client called me with a quote from a competitor. It was much higher than what I would charge, given her description,” Joe said “I came, checked it out and it turned out it was only half that much!”

So, even if your insurance does not provide full coverage, you can stay calm knowing that Joe consistently offers affordable prices, so call our water damage Indio technicians at 911 Restoration of Indio today to get excellent services at the best prices in the industry.

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